Arrive on time for your appointment. If for some reason you are going to be late please let me know as early as possible by phone. I prefer at least a 24-hour heads-up for engagements lasting longer than 2 hours and at least a hour heads up for engagements  shorter than 2 hours so that I am able to properly prepare for the appointment.

Screening is quick, easy, and most of all necessary for your safety and mine. All clients must go through the screening process before being seen. All parts of the screening process will be mandatory and nonnegotiable.


Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don't be early for inservice appointments. If you decide, for whatever reason, to cancel the appointment you have made then please give me advanced notice. Calling at the last minute and deciding not to book when everything has been arranged is not acceptable! 


Deposits are required for longer engagement in the event that you booked this type of Engagement there will be a 20% deposit do at the time of booking deposits may be paid by zelle, cash app, or PayPal. Deposits are nonrefundable. Deposits are used towards your session unless you cancel. If a appointment is canceled for some reason the deposit is forfeited and is credited to your next scheduled appointment. Your next schedule appointment should be made within 7 days. If there is a failure to make second schedule appointment within 7 days then at that time your deposit would be 100% non refundable.


Please have your full donation with you upon answering. The donation should be in a plain white envelope is to be placed upon the counter in the restroom before the session begins. If you plan on paying with a debit or credit card make sure your donation has been paid up on your arrival. Make sure you have the exact amount for your donation because change will not be made at your session. If you plan on paying by gift card make sure it is one of my preferred gift cards on my list and make sure we have discussed Arrangements ahead of time.

*** All donations are for my time and companionship only. Donations are non-negotiable!!


Although I wish our sessions could last forever time is of the essence, so with that being said I ask that you respect my time as I do yours. If you would like to extend your session and my schedule permits you may do so at an additional charge.


 Absolutely no lewd, disrespectful, or rude language will be tolerated if you behave in such a manner you will be blocked and all further correspondence will be ended.